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Edited by : Dr. Sk. Makbul Islam,

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The experience of editing FOLKLORE RESEARCH JOURNAL1 and FOLKLORISTICS2 inspired me to bring about an independent research journal on folklore. In due course, I started editing INDIAN FOLKLORE EXPLORER3 in May 2006. The history of this e-journal FOLKLORE AND FOLKLORISTICS is obviously linked with the INDIAN FOLKLORE EXPLORER.

 One day I met M. D. MUTHUKUMARSWAMY4 in a seminar in Department of Folklore and Tribal Studies, Dravidian University, Kuppam in 2007. He gave me a proposal to run an online journal in the web portal of National Folklore Support Centre (NFSC’s portal). I discussed the issue with the other two editors Madam CHAITALI MAITRA5 and ABHIJIT MAJUMDAR6. We jointly decided to go online instead of the print journal. NFSC has promoted the task of uploading the journal on its website7 during 2008 to 2016.   We extended the editorial team by incorporating SUJAY KUMAR MONDAL8. We started this new online journal FOLKLORE AND FOLKLORISTICS (Vol-1, No-1; June, 2008). Technically then, ‘INDIAN FOLKLORE EXPLORER’ is the mother of this e-journal. In June 2015, AMRITA BHATTACHARYYA9 joined our editorial team as Assistant Editor.

 I must admit that a series of both adverse and inspiring experiences prompted me to continue the publication of journal committed to folklore research. But, with the passage of time, many alterations and additions have been made. The journal has received International Standard Serial Number (ISSN-2350-031X) on 3rd September 2014. The journal expanded its area to the broader domain of Social Science i, e, Folklore, Literature, Culture and Allied Subjects.


 I feel happy to say that FOLKLORE AND FOLKLORISTICS is going to step into its 10th year in June 2017. On this occasion, the editorial team has decided to create the journal’s own website –

 The journal has created ‘Folkloristics India’ as e-space to communicate and exchange views with the folklore lovers of the world. Scholars of Folklore and allied disciplines11 worldwide are free to join this platform. This domain was booked on 05th January 2017 and this website was launched on the web on 11th January 2017. From now onwards, this journal will be uploaded in our new website -


1.     FOLKLORE RESEARCH JOURNAL was published from ‘Research Institute of Folk-Culture, West Bengal’, Kolkata. Dr. Sanat Kumar Mitra was the editor. As an Assistant Editor, I edited only 6 issues of this journal (No. 6, December-2000; No. 7, June-2001; No. 8, December-2001; No. 9 , June-2002; No. 10 , December-2002).

2.   FOLKLORISTICS was published from ‘Folkloristic Education and Research Institute’ (FERI) run by Prof. Achintya Biswas. Only one issue of this journal was published under my editorship (Volume-1, No-1, 2005).

3.   The first issue of INDIAN FOLKLORE EXPLORER (Vol-1, No-1) was published in May 2006. The second issue was (Vol-1, No-2, November, 2006) and the third issue was (Vol-2, No-1, June 2007). Only three issues of this journal were printed. It was a bilingual (Bengali, English) and biannual (May, November) journal.

4.    M. D. MUTHUKUMARSWAMY was the Director of National Folklore Support Center (NFSC), Chennai.

5.     MADAM CHAITALI MAITRA is the Guest Faculty, Department of English, St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College, Kolkata.

6.    DR. ABHIJIT MAJUMDAR is Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Calcutta, Kolkata.

7.    NFSC’s Website:

8.    DR. SUJAY KUMAR MONDAL is the former Head, Department of Folklore, Kalyani University, Nadia, West Bengal.

9.    AMRITA BHATTACHARYYA is now an Assistant Professor of English, Vidyasagar Mahavidyalay, Hooghly.


11. Allied disciplines are: Anthropology, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Language and Literature, History, Linguistics, Archaeology, Fine Arts, Women Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies etc.


-          Sk Makbul Islam,

Editor, Folklore and Folkloristics


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